Wednesday, June 16, 2010

so long

Okay, so I found a check for I think almost 700 bucks while decluttering and reorganizing my files and bills. Praise God! I started a new and simpler system and decided that I am a crazy person who starts too many systems with extreme optimism and forgets that I did, then I neglect and confusion sets in and I procrastinate. AGHHH.
We cashed the check,it was almost a year old, we spent it promptly on necessities. I filled out the app for "food stamps" which I will now refer to as EBT, since it is a card like a debit and not "stamps" Maury took the app in and we are now the grateful if not proud recipients of a lot of money for food each month. Thank you Jesus.
I began to feel quite sick and suffered major digestive discomfort before I remembered why I quit this"healing diet" in the first place.So, I quit! I gave up and I realized that I have been serving a false idol of "Skinny" Skinny has promised to save me for many years, but really all she's done has been a lie. She is unable to save me, she is too thin! (haha) I put my foot down and picked up my fork.
I serve an amazing God who has Blessed me with an amazing body and wisdom to care for it accordingly. I love to cook and eat delicious foods. I don't need much at once, but variety is essential. Fresh is essential. Creative and seasonal is essential. I am currently enjoying the book, "French Women Don't Get Fat" the recipes and suggestions are wonderfully practical yet not average. Thank you French women everywhere. I am a student of your ways.
Yesterday, I made my own birthday cake to share with some friends who were pleasantly surprised at my actions. They forgot my day was near but were glad to partake in the eating. Afterward, I heard moans and groans about being over stuffed and too full. But I could honestly say that I was not guilty. I hadn't overeaten. After they left and I had another piece with ice cream at bedtime, well that was a bit more than I needed and my french sisters would not suggest this.
The call is to serve, and to have and to enjoy and to not be a be grateful and creative and work hard. To enjoy the Lord and all His fullness-
that is what I aim to do.

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