Saturday, June 26, 2010


"If I continue to preach the Gospel and more importanly LIVE the Gospel in this community, though the outward conditions of the people may never change or may change very slowly, but if these people can come with us to Heaven, a few years of suffering will pale in comparison." From the Journey written by Katie who is living in Africa and has given her life to serving the people in Christ.

Lord, how often do I not do anything because I am certain that my little effort will not make a big difference, not enough to show. Lord I pray for Katie, for her protection and the protection of all the lives that are coming to her to come to You. I pray for provision and to give as much as you ask me to. Lord, those babies, those women, they are so beautiful-I long to hold them, to bandage them to pray with them, to feed them. It is crazy that I would have affection for little ones that I have never met. Please continue to give me passion and compassion for the hungry and the hurting. Free us from complacency and greed, ingratitude and self righteousness,shallow lust and hate-all these fruits of our twisted culture. We are like spoiled children in our casual confessions and lack of conviction. I don't want to be spit out! Lord, free me from the lukewarm!
Continue to grant Katie and all those who help her, fullness of Spirit. A love that won't be depleted.
And here I sit, with an 11 year old that is "impossible"Lord, forgive me-love him through me. Help me to see him as you do. Transform his heart-yes-but also heal my hardness, impatience and frustration. I am sorry.
I love you and cannot live without you, nor do I want to. Use me Lord, just use me.

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