Saturday, October 29, 2011

October 2011

It has been a while to say it shortly.
We moved into the country, into a house I love with scenery surrounding us and we are doing much better. I gave birth to my 6th child and 2nd girl on the 24th of September at home in 2 hours and 10 minutes.
I have decided that women are amazing and I am glad to be one.
The drawbacks of our new home are few, and inconvenient; we have to drive 30 minutes to run most errands, we cannot get internet service, not even dial up, we have terrible phone reception and must stand on our front porch to talk. All these things are worth the pleasures of a big house in the country.
This weekend I am on the internet because I came to the mountains with my friend and 2 of her children and 3 of mine. A little getaway.
Just like our home, the price of retreat means more miles to town, little phone reception and lots and lots of natural beauty. I look out the window and it is postcard pretty on every side, I am confronted with majesty, like it or not.
The clouds are puffy and white and the sky is dotting the clouds with blue. Sun shines fiercly yet the air is crispy chilly. Today we will eat, drive, wander and meander, return and eat, talk and rest, plan for tomorrow. God, I love a holiday! thank you