Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last night we(- the oldest son) went to attend the year end celebration/awards night for a church program that 2 of our children have attended for the last 2 years. It runs on Wednesday nights along with the traditional school year. Each age group is encouraged to memorize scripture,lots of scripture. They receive incentives like candy, prizes, patches, plaques etc. At the program last night, the leader of it all took the time to keep reiterating how every week these kids were "hearing the gospel" and she kept pointing out how many verses they learned and how that was beneficial and life changing. They had someone come up and share about money that the club had given to them to distribute in Africa, and how they use a soccer ball to tell the Gospel.
Now lately some of my thoughts on what is beneficial in our lives as individuals and as a family have come to a full head. I have been working diligently on our schedule for summer, fully anticipating the approach of the fall(school)
I myself have been seeking the Lord continually, intimately, daily-in every detail of my life. He is so sweet, I just want more. He's led me to a place of seeking order, prioritizing, setting standards and evaluating where we are at. It is a not my nature to live like that, I prefer chaos and being carried by the wind or else, in the past, I make such a strict standard that is so far off from where we are, usually based on somebody elses life, then get mad when I fail. This time-it is Christ first. How can we honor God with our lives? The time that He has graciously given us to use for His Glory, are we going to be caught off guard when Christ comes for us?
With that said, it has led to me questioning our current activities. Are they necessary? For what purpose and to what kingdom do they lead?
After all the awards were passed out, we were called to ice cream and socializing then on the way home I decided to ask the kids a question.
me, "What is the Gospel?"
Maury, frustrated,"Try wording it a different way.."
Me to him,"That is the term that the leader used, so they should know what I mean"
Him, "True."
Me,"So what is the Gospel"
Them,whispering, then,"don't know"
Our children have been in Church since they were born. For the past two years they have been at a traditional, southern style, established Church and attended VBS, Sunday School, Awanas, etc etc
We also have Home Schooled with Christian Curriculum and done devotions and Bible reading for years,
Is it that they don't have "ears to hear"? or is it that even the Church is permeated with too much busyness and distraction that no one is sure what the Truth of Jesus is anymore?
Is it both?
This breaks my heart and blows my mind.
It is the beginning of a new way of praying and living for us-
Thank you God