Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Christmas is coming and we are having lots of bittersweet happening around here.
We are in the foxhole of gratitude as we learn to be grateful for what we get.
I haven't bought 1 gift as of today, the 8th day of Dec.
We have Food Stamps which were supposed to reload yesterday but didn't. The kids and I were in the parking lot at Wal mart when I called to check the balance and found out. Thank You Lord that we were not in the store with a basket full of stuff.
I had a small check that I cashed and managed to get enough gas and food for the day with. Maury has been working consistently and can get an advance today to see us through.
I called Social Services to find out what the deal was and they told me there was a delay in the system because of the overload of recipients. I left 2 different voice mails with 2 different people and as of this morning our balance is still $0. No one has called me back.
What shall today bring?
A good thing that has happened this Christmas is that we are actually doing Advent together as a family every night. We light the candles, read Jotham's Journey and then pray. It has been fun and sweet.
We are being thinned down and tested. The crud, the greed, jealousy and ungrateful attitudes have been revealed. Suddenly, even watching the little birds seeking and eating seed becomes a Holy moment. I am thankful.