Sunday, June 20, 2010


I am so much enjoying blogging that I can't help but wonder how long this habit will last. I never thought that I would exchange my pen and paper for a laptop. I have previously enjoyed penmanship way too much. But as for today, right now-I am pleasantly obsessed with typing.
Took back 3 of the things that I bought last night from Target and proceeded to buy 3 newer ones. Love the choices I have made so far. Thank you Lord. Even though I do not have to pray about these simple little decisions according to the Naked Gospel and I know that I don't HAVE to, I still enjoy bringing it all to my Dad in Heaven and watching how it all works. What a privilege.
Went onto the 11 o clock service where once again I have noted the lack of teaching on the Gospel. We are in a series on Family and parenting specifically. We sing songs about Jesus before the message and proclaim him as Savior. Then the message assumes we know the basics(like the gospel) and moves right on to a "to do" list on righteous living. I agree with the basic principles and the teacher made some great points and abbreviations for stuff like, "Rules - Relationship=Rebellion"( a quote from a known author) and "Quality+Quantity squared" a time equation and I was very impressed by the said speaker's manly ability to shoot a bow and hit the bullseye on stage,(almost) Here it is Father's Day, why not address the Fathers? Why not address the statistics that you shared on how the church is losing members, lifelong members and why people take God for granted and then walk away never to return?
I spoke to a friend this week whose unsaved husband does not wish to allow her to bring their only child, a daughter, into the church anymore."At this point, he doesn't want her in that type of environment." That is what she said to me! I was too stunned to react but if I could go back would say,"what do you mean? a Christian environment? Is your husband anti-Christ?" What the???? Just another brick in the wall.
I have spent the majority of birthday money given to me on clothing from Target and now I think I will buy the ESV Study Bible from the Church Bookstore. I thought I would save money and buy a softcover woman's devotional bible for the new year and overall I don't like to use it. Certainly not for study, devotionally it is okay. I guess that is what it was for!!!
Right now I am passionate about stepping up and onto a more studious route of Bible reading. I think that I am like this for His Purpose and I am accepting that. Yayayayayyyyyyyy!
Well, now I get to go and hold some babies for an hour while their parents hear the message. Lord, love them through me and thank you for letting me be there. Loveyou

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