Monday, June 28, 2010

where am i?

My newly found routines of being a single mom (for two weeks) with 3 children 10 and under has now been interupted and I am found to be a wife and mom of 5, ages 16 and under. I kinda missed some things about my big guys, but there are so many things that I didn't miss. Having older children lurking around means having your things that you have done undone and usually not redone until you redo them. Like locking the doors at night. I had a perfect little routine. I would lock the storm door, the dead bolt and the knob. I would lock the sunroom door and the workshop stayed locked since I never go in there and when I do, I lock it back immediately. I would also lock the garage door to the outside and the inside door to the garage. These also almost always stayed locked, since rarely were they unlocked without my knowledge. Since the junior and senior men have returned, there has been a lot of open, unlocked doors- a lot of in and out. And this is the kind of thing that gets on my nerves when I am trying to go to sleep after "locking up" I find that part of the problem is that when I am with the 10 and under crowd, I don't expect them to cook their own food or to put away left overs after dinner. But as soon as the big guys are back I am depending on them to just come along side and serve and pull weight, but they don't work like I do. I get mad, I get worried and I get frustrated. I run late and I am disappointed. How can I be so dumb?
Lord please help me to "possess my vessel" and lay my expectations down at Your feet. To let them be guys and ask for help plainly when I need it. And when I don't get it, let me be grateful anyway. You are my Rock, I can lean on You, I love you and I thank you.

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