Friday, September 3, 2010

A mountain day;

We came to the mountains 2 days ago.(I started this blog last night, so the date is messed up, I only had time to type 2 sentences before bed! I am blessed to have a sleeping toddler this morning-Praise Jesus!) It only took 7.5 hours. I have the Dvd player in my van, so I have the pleasure of having 4 of the 6 children with me. We arrived late, 9:30 pm which made it all the more magical when we got up and left the house this morning. Oh what majesty!!!
I am so amazed by the glorious craftsmanship that surrounds me. I can't look anywhere without seeing blankets of trees with an occasional abode peeking through. Driving up and down over the swelling roads and 1 mile seems so much longer than usual. My instinct is to move here, to flee from the shore and dive into the hills instead. And I wonder if I would get used to it and then the beach would become my amazement again.
The only thing that is not amazing or inspiring are the man made strip malls, run down hotels and same old stores that pop up everywhere. At least in the mountains, there is no way that they are going to block our view- the mountains will not submit to complete re fabrication like the lowcountry. I know that it wasn't always this way for the salt marshes were too difficult to travel and so much of the coast was left undeveloped. But with many advances there has come to be lots of roads and lots of stuff to stand in the way so that you can't see our beach unless you park and walk down onto it.
I guess it is because the mountains are, well,"up"-so nothing prevents them from being seen. I love the country-and I find myself knowing that more and more my dream life doesn't consist of concrete and close neighbors. I am soothed by trees and sunsets, fields, seashores and sand dunes, the Lord speaks to me in the whispering wind through the leaves and the chorus of insects(that wouldn't let me sleep!)through the night. So, wherever I live in my dream, it will not be in a crowded lot, but with lots of nature in my face all the time.
Yesterday, we took the kids hiking up to the top of lookout mountain in Montreat. It is a 1 mile hike to the top. I was usually the last one with Ramone, my friend April in front of me with Buckley. Ramone is almost 3 and Buckley is about 6 months older than him. They walked so much more than I expected. As a matter of fact, Ramone and Dylan, my now 16 year old are similar in many ways, one of which is that from the age of 2-5 they run everywhere. Ramone learned that when you do that on a mountain trail, with roots and rocks and dry dusty dirt, you will fall. He fell about 10 times. He tripped and skidded, he tumbled and tripped-he took on extra dirt on his face...he worked my nerves. But, praise the Lord-he never fell onto a rock or off the side of the mountain!
Something I know about myself and my prayers is that surely God must laugh at my fear. I prayed going up for safety and protection never thinking that would mean as my toddler ran and refused to learn from his stumbling to walk with slow carefulness. God answered my prayer and protected us even though we all have our issues. In my eyes, this would be easier if we all didn't have strong personalities that like to run instead of walk. I am ashamed of my fear. He is always so gentle to reveal my lack of trust.
Thank you Lord for protecting us from ourselves! And for fashioning us all in unique troublesome ways, with desires to do the impossible and short memories that lead us to depend more on you than history. Forgive me for my fears and desire to control, help me to find my safe place in you and say no to the worry that whispers to me in the night and day.

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