Monday, September 20, 2010


My faith is in God
where else can it rest?
Monday morning can bring the D word(disappointment)which actually tries to start creeping in sometime over the weekend when I realize that the weekend is going by and I still haven't done what I wanted to do,
my problem?
An unrealistic standard set about how much one can do in a day.
Our Church just started a new series about stewardship and we each received a book(full of blanks!) with a pen(to fill them in!).
We are to track our spending for the next 6 weeks and see how we are spending our money and then work towards a budget. There are several real life steps we are invited to take.
You know what scares me about all this?
I am so forgetful about what I thought was important yesterday. Today, I am onto something new, which is most likely something old. I tend to rotate my solutions and blow them up regularly.
It is hard for me to stay on the straight and narrow. I can't do it as a matter of fact.
SO, as I get the nifty little book of blanks, this time-I check my spirit. Back to Jesus. I can participate, I can do my best but I can not force my husband to do it to my standard of excellence and truth be told, I am not even going to be able to reach that standard myself. GRACE
That's what I am talking about, I have to trust in the Lord and swim, maybe even backstroke in His Grace every moment of everyday. This is all going to work out for the best, and if we could get there on our own...why would we need Jesus?
Lord, please help me to keep my eyes, my heart my faith, rooted in and set on you. You are able. You make straight the crooked path and use the simple to confound the wise. You are a lamp to my feet and a light that leads the way. You speak to me and tell me which way to go. I am leaning not on my own comprehension, You are so not me.
You are a different being all together. Help me to never forget that.
You do the impossible everyday. You love me to the moon and back and I can never repay what you have done.
Open my eyes, my ears to hear-my heart to receive and my mind to grasp the depth and height, the strength of Your Love.

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