Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I am feeling quite tired at the moment and wondering if I should pamper that feeling or stuff it way down deep. I am sitting in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit with my 12 year old who had Brain Surgery today. He got out around 3:30 we left a little after 4 and I came back after dinner, shower and putting the toddler to sleep. Peter is snoozing bigtime. He is in control of his own morphine drip which he has hardly used.
His only complaints have been hunger and thirst. He can't eat or drink yet for a long time.
We are sharing a room with a mystery patient who seems to be a little girl and from the reflection I sometimes get a glimpse of, might be bald. Her mom(?)I think is very blond, very southern and very talkative and has already gone on a rampage about poor service because there are more patients than private rooms available and she wants one now. She wanted one yesterday. She was pretty irate and the nurse is kissing her_____. I wish I couldn't hear everything, all I can hear is their TV and their constant talk. I am glad that my son can rest through it all.
The oldest boy and the youngest boy are at the Ronald McDonald house hopefully sleeping by now. I don't know how long I can make it. I am thinking 2 am is the max. Then I can go back and sleep, then return in the am, maybe Maury can come up early and I can sleep in. Kind of hard when we are all sharing a room to sneak in and/or out without waking anyone up.
I want to eat and there is a no eating rule here in the room, I have to go out into the waiting area to eat and drink.
I am not complaining, I am being lazy with my writing and only telling what is going on at this moment. There has been so much that needs to be written.
Much much more to go.
Until later. I love you Lord, thank you for everything.

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