Monday, November 1, 2010


Yesterday we joined in some festivities to commemorate the fall with lots of costumes and candy. The kids were; Dylan, a bunny( I haven't seen the pictures yet) Peter, a scary scarecrow thing, he didn't do because he felt too tired from surgery on Wednesday, but he still got plenty of candy! Joshua, the best Darth Vader ever-Maddy, the most beautiful pink and black cat/girl and Ramone, the knight in shining armor that wanted to fight any and everyone who had on any kind of armor or carried a weapon.
We had fun and ended the evening with a trip over to Papa's then home for a movie.
Mimi left yesterday, those of us who were gone to Duke returned on Saturday.
This is probably going to be a rough week with the recovery and recovering of our schedules, plus some sugar detox and realities of responsibilities building up.
We are in foreclosure, our house is falling apart, I got laid off, plus all the usual stuff that keeps us consumed.
Lord, You are our hope and our Salvation

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