Wednesday, November 17, 2010

still sleeping

Imagining my children full of life, touched by the healing of the Lord, happy and healthy and wanting to learn. Imagining them fully immersed in their gifting and talent doing what they love to make a sustain a living. Imagining them being who God made them to be and loving it.
That is why we home school.
12-13 years of home school and my in laws are still trying to talk us into quitting. We must hand them over to public school teachers who can do what is best, they say. Then the wife can work full time and we won't have the financial trouble we have.
Yes, right, Public School is the answer to every problem we face now.
This advice comes from people whose marriages have been many.This advice comes from people who have never had 5 kids. Who never experimented with the drugs, sex and rock n roll side of life nor admitted the wrongs they have done to their own children nor admitted weakness. Who openly denounce that their is someone above us who loves us and created us. This advice comes from small town hopes and dreams and people who have never told us that we did anything right. People who keep a safe distance and only come when there is tragedy to give "sage" advice. People who wouldn't recognize raw talent if it smacked them in the face. Who like what they are told to like and believe in themselves just enough to get by.
Can you tell that I am over it?
I have never tried to convince anyone of the benefits of home school, because I don't feel that I have to.
Whether it is choosing to not vaccinate, teach at home or raise chickens(someday maybe) we have not come to these decisions lightly, we have done the research, we have prayed to the one above us, we have sweated and struggled and we continue to learn as we grow. Why then, the disrespect and insinuation that we have done what was natural and easy, without thought or statistics or education?
LOVE IS...patient, kind, long suffering, not rude, not proud, hopes all things, believes all things, endures all things, Love never fails.
Lord help me to love those who may never understand.

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