Thursday, November 4, 2010


The time has been announced and the date set, Dec 14 2010, ironically my 5th childs 3rd Birthday, is our court date for the loss of our home of almost 3 years.
The down payment for our house was a gift that was only to be used for the purchase of this home. We have never even come close to saving a 5th of what we were given. This house was a step up from where we were, a stab at suburban living, a dream I have never had.
We must learn the hard way, anyone else have that issue?
Grace must abound. We are allowed to make mistakes, my biggest fear, the thing that torments me is that my children suffer for my stupidity, they will either learn from our mistakes or make the same mistakes. Ugh, that is the part about having kids that breaks my heart. The inheritance.
That is why I suppose it is very good news indeed that the Lord has adopted us into His family and calls us children. His children. We are His inheritance, He is ours. If nothing else I pray that my children will know the Truth and walk in it. That they will love Jesus and comprehend His love for them, that they will walk in forgiveness and love and fullness of His Spirit. I pray that the problems we face, like the loss of a house, physical ailments, feeling inadequate, out of place and awkward, being broke and unable to change it quickly enough. I pray that above all else, that we would know the Love and acceptance and provision of the Father.

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