Monday, October 25, 2010

about to go

Today is Monday of all Mondays.
The weekend was a bit jammed with one thing after the next thing.
My mom in law arrived on Saturday night, I started Saturday morning with a conference that convicted and reminded me and gave me great hope.
I have a set of goals. At last! I have never been a successful goal setter because there is a lot of chatter in my mind and yes, at times confusion. One day's conviction is out weighed by the next days desire and so most "dreams" are thrown to the dogs.
I have learned of late, by the Mercy of God that this is called...(anticipation and drum roll please...)Submitting to temptation which then leads to sin.
My yes has not been yes, in some areas.
My goals are applicable to every area of life that I live and our sauced in Grace.
Thank you God for second, third and fourth chances.
For humbling me and showing me my detestable pride that keeps me from getting up after I have fallen down. My fear of man, my inability to trust the one who made me and then called me His own.
I will post my goals later, but I want to comment on them now. I find myself immediately challenged. For example, one goal is to go to bed early and rise extra early to give the Lord the finer first fruits of my day. This started Saturday night,as said-my mom in law didn't arrive until 9:30 pm, my new bedtime(at least 4 days a week) but i was gracious and had work to do still. I went to bed at 11, praying for good rest and that the Lord would wake me up early and still help me make it through the day.He did and I did!
On Sunday, I really thought I'd better try harder, but as it turned out I was busy again until about 11-not on my pleasure mind you but on preps for the trip today.
As a faced the option of praying and asking for my Dad's help, I can hear the voice of the enemy whispering that I should try harder and not ask for help because God is not going to help me if I don't get to bed on time! I pray anyway and my sleep is so deep and I am awakened early and I feel great so far. I could tell you the same type of scenario in 2 other goal areas.
I truly believe that God has spoken these goals to me and as I lean into Him, He will bring me to see them happen and He will grant me new conviction and more dreams as we go.
Today, Maury, Dylan, Peter, Ramone and I are leaving for Duke, NC where a team of Drs. await Peter's arrival so he can have brain surgery on Wednesday. We are expecting to be home on Sunday. Mom in law is staying at our house with 2 dogs and 2 children. Many people are praying, bringing meals and taking a child to their house here and there. It is going to be an amazing week.
I am looking for You Lord! Show us Your Glory!! Call out to the dead mans hearts! Astound us again with the reality of You and Your love for us. We are depending on You. Thank you Jesus!
I love you

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