Saturday, October 16, 2010

fight sin before behavoir

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awesome, what can I say. I am such a to do list gal that I have a hard time believing that God can help me when I can't help myself. But He does! Every time I run to Him first instead of a well designed plan for victory, I am enveloped in Grace and power. The catch is that I have to admit that I have sin and that sin is the problem, and to recognize that means that the Holy Spirit is gonna be at work in me. According to the Word, it is not me or other people that point out my sin, it is a work of the Spirit. I think that sometimes I assume that the Spirit is present to make me feel good or high on life(false)then when I feel badly because I am not walking in obedience or truth I think it is the devil instead of repenting. A lack of repentance is what kept the Pharisees from believing Jesus was God. I think that we are afraid to admit our own sin, we admit our failures-but not our sin that lead us there. We are not bad people who just can't get it right and there is no amount of trying harder that is going to make us better. We are sinners saved by the blood of our beautiful and mighty Savior who suffered for us and calls us to the same. Conviction from His kindness, His Spirit within, we bow down and we worship Him, we realize His Highness and "better-ness" and it is through the humbling of us that we see Him as He is and find ourselves grateful that He loves us so and is not calling us to do anything on our own. In our weakness He is stronger, Hallelujah! Failure is not to be feared.
Our weakness, our inability to be perfect is a path leading us to Him.
Before we try to be better, we have to admit that we can't be better apart from Him
If we feel that we are perfect, that we can try harder and we seem to get better without Him, we are deceived by pride and that is cause to repent.
Repentance is a gift-
Sin is insidious-but by His Blood we are free.
Fight the good fight
I love you

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