Monday, May 16, 2011

It's a GIRL!

Had an ultrasound today, the only one I plan to have-and yes, it is true...she's a girl! I brought Maddie and Ramone with me to see the process and Ramone mostly crawled around on the floor while Maddy tried to keep him from trouble and waited patiently for it to end. It seems like they take such a long time, counting every bone, every organ, taking way more views than I feel necessary. The midwife will receive the report tomorrow or within 3 days or so, hope there is nothing abnormal. My main concern being that it was not twins and that the due date that we estimated was accurate. I have been thinking that I am 21 weeks and even though most people think that I am near the end I am only just half way there. The size of the baby and the development would indicate that she is exactly 21 weeks and 2 days. I am still huge! No real reason for that and I am surrendered to this- it is just what I do. I get big, get over it people!!!
At first Maddy seemed quite excited and I was sure to brag to the nurses about how glad I was to have another girl and that I how I hoped that she would be as good, smart, creative and hard-working as my first girl. After we came home, Maddy began to melt down and by the time her Dad came home from work I had sent her to her room for being so disruptive. Ramone broke the news to Daddy about the baby girl and right away he comforted Maddy as she just cried and cried. He understood her much better than I did. I tend to be more like Grandma Walton who said," It's about time she learned that she's not the only pebble on the beach!"
But that's why I need my man, he is so smart-so kind and so sensitive. He babied her and assured her of her firm place in his heart. He told the boys of her sadness and called them to care.(even if they don't quite get it)
Now, after crying and eating dinner she is back to her playful self, running around the back yard with blankets around her and little brother's neck like capes, playing in the fort she built. The ONLY fort that has ever been successfully built by any children in this family so far. (not counting couch cushion forts and blanket tents)
She is a fabulous girl and is going to make a wonderful big sister and a great mama one day. She is irreplaceable.
Thanks God for my girls.

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