Friday, May 13, 2011


I am. We are moving. We found a house, a house found us. It is more lovely than I could have ever imagined. Though I know it is ours, we move in 3 or 4 weeks, I am still having a hard time believing it is going to happen. We have been in the foreclosure process for about a year. Until 2 weeks ago, my husband went from being unemployed and doing whatever he could for meager income to fully, gainfully, steadily employed at a great company doing something interesting with interesting people. It is in a quaint, little town about 30 miles from here. It took a few monthes for him to get this job and within the first week of working we were notified by the attorney that our hearing had been moved to this week(yesterday) we decided to take action and put the house on the market for a short sale and I also went online to notify our friends of our situation. Within 3 days we were also told of an available house and when to check it out last Friday. As I said, it is amazing. 2 story, built in 1917 on about 3 acres with 6 Pecan trees, at least 2 magnolias and 3 oaks, Mimosa tree, Cedar tree-huge screened in front porch. 9 foot ceilings, long leaf pine floors throughout, 4 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms, 3 out buildings, a well... big kitchen, what else? it is in between 2 cornfields with a lot of grass to cut and a small patch of woods behind it. Across the highway there is land that is used for hunting(in season) so it is all woods as well. I am in love with this house. Oh yeah, did I mention that it is only 3 miles from my hubbies new job? and yes, this is a historic house-it has a name! We have had so much rough stuff to go through in the past 3-5 years that I am having a hard time believing that this is actually going to all work out. I go between sighes of relief and songs of Praise to doubts and fears and the what if's? It doesn't help that right now I am struggling with the worst cold that I can remember ever having in years. I feel physically like ________(you fill it in) My nose is on drip cycle and my head is on spin, my throat is itchy only when I want to sleep-I have eaten so much garlic today that I probably smell like an Italian Sub. Nevertheless, I let the realtor come and take some pics for the listing and after picking up more boxes from the store have continued to pack. According to the realtors secretary and current tenant, we are good to go and can bring the kids by to see the place tomorrow or Sunday. We are also allowed to bring boxes and put them into the bedrooms if we like, she hardly has anything in the house and says it will all be fine.
This is an unusually sweet situation. Thanks God, I am sorry that I am having a hard time accepting that I am being Blessed in such a real way. Forgive me for my unbelief.
I love you.

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