Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I can hardly believe the amount of 'stuff' I have released in the past week. Yesterday I was feeling overwhelmed in the process and couldn't see the progress. I have been pulling out everything, so my house is not it's usual bursting with clutter yet in the overall order that I keep it in. It will be this way for a while. And I have to deal with it.
I have taken so many bags to the new drop box that I found by Kohl's that I am afraid that someone is going to rush out from behind it and tell me to stop already. I have things to sell on Craig's list. Things to take to the upscale home furnishing consignment here in town called The Ivy Cottage. I have thrown out about as much as I have given away. I am returning items to friends that they lent me a long time ago. I have stuff for a yard sale and for Craig's list. I put my first item on Amazon yesterday and today I praised God because it has already sold!
Along with this stuff fling, I realize that I must be especially careful about my impulsive buying. Sunday at Church I decided to buy a book that looked sooooo good, it was $14 and though I don't have the extra money right now-I quickly over road that thought, that still small voice and bought it anyway. I realized my mistake on the way home when I remembered that I am already reading 2 books with a new one also given to me last week by a friend! I don't have time for a new book. I don't need a new book. I justified it by assuring myself that I could sell it on Amazon. After posting my first book I looked up how much my new book could sell for. $3.25
As punishment I am forcing myself to read it in its entirety as quickly as possible. I will sell it on Amazon, if only for a $1. I told my man and he promised to remind me never to impulsively buy a book again. To look on Amazon first. God remind me!
Today is a new day.
I plan to tackle my yarn. God help me.
Maybe I can sell it on E bay? maybe Amazon?
we will see.

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