Saturday, May 15, 2010

day 4 of D-Stuff

Oh, how I wanted to Blog for the past 2 days and even I myself find it hard to believe that I could not find the time. I barely have time to sleep it seems.
I have gone through so much stuff and made a few give away trips to the drop box and to a friend with more children than me. I have a long way to go, before I become stuff free. It is a way of life I want to adapt to. So, I must allow myself time to process, I realize that just getting rid of the physical clutter on a big spree is like a crash diet. I have done this in the past as i mentioned before.
The Truth shall set me free. I know the truth, as much as I can right now. I am getting it! Possessions have the ability to possess the possessor.I have given in to this and lived most of my life worshiping at the throne of More is better. To live with the knowledge that we as humans have a very specific short list of essentials.To act on that knowledge. I have a choice. I am not controlled by lust. I have it, I may always have it. According to the Word of God, I am able to call on Him in my time of need(all the time) and He will provide for me. I do not have to strive and struggle to obtain and yet just because something is easy to obtain doesn't mean it is for me either. With the power of the cross of Christ,I can resist evil and the list of the flesh. "My chains are gone, I've been set free"
I don't want to become a superstitious Christian who is always peeking behind every door for the enemy. Yet, I am willing to sound a bit crazy by saying that I believe in the power of stuff(small p and s) as a false god it beckons me to bow down, to place it in prominence above the importance of the Truth and relationships. It gnaws away at my roots and binds me up in a pretty little pot. For example; I am in possession of about 5 Bibles that I don't like. Why do I keep them? because I want to appear studious. In my fantasy world, the world of imagery, I am a Bible scholar who relishes spending hours in Parables and original Greek definitions. This is not who I am at this time. If the Lord should choose to make me that in the future than He will provide a way and the Study tools I need.
Well, it is Saturday and I have an opportunity to go listen to my purses and hear what they are saying to me.
I also hope to go to the consignment shop today and put some stuff up for sale.
more later.

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