Saturday, March 26, 2011


so many things that I would like to write about and everytime my keyboard beckons I am somehow unable to come to this place. Now, I am procrastinating and running late and I just have to write something before I go out into the world and get whatever it offers today.
Yesterday I vented to a dear friend of mine who understood my frustrations and confirmed my suspicions-there are some mean girls out there who just can't help but get under my skin by saying ugly things to me and about me or by refusing to talk to me at all, they look right through me and that really drives me crazy when I am trying to be nice to someone. The problem I am having is that these situations keep repeating themselves and I am the only common denominator, the faces and places change. It is like being reincarnated or more like Ground Hog Day but again with different faces and places. I will go into these specific characters and actions later on when I return in my next post before my head explodes.
Until then, I pray that today will be a different kind of day and that my response to the same old stuff will be fresh and new, motivated by the Holy Spirit. Thank you God that I have been set free and do not have to repeat my mistakes, help me to pass the tests before me today, grant me wisdom to respond with salt and light and love-
I love you

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