Monday, July 5, 2010


The question is not of earning or meriting or coercing anything
from God. The question is: having tasted the goodness of
God in the gospel, how can I maximize my enjoyment of him,
when every moment of my life I am tempted to make a god out
of his good gifts? By what weapons shall I fight the fight of faith
and guard my heart from alien affections and treasonous
appetites? Surely I will take the sword of the Spirit, the Word of
God, and I will pray. But I will also take the poor and hungry
handmaid of faith as my help. In her weakness she is strong. Her
emptiness magnifies my need and makes the perfection of God
more precious. John Piper A Hunger for God

Now I am back on a disciplined plan for meals for me and my family. To avoid chaos and the spending of too much time and money trying to decide what to eat everyday for a family of 7. In order to streamline this area, discipline is required,(sigh). So, can I continue to see the "system" as a fast? I am fasting from disorserly eating on a whim, emotional eating and eating to try and satisfy my soul hunger. I am consuming food, but limited amounts of specific items. I am fasting from processed, fake, white stuff. I am fasting from idol worship.
When I looked back at my food journal on this system, I was shocked to see what a terrible job I did. Sometimes I ate 2 breakfasts! And rarely did I stay within the guidelines on portions at snacktime. Not only that, I was having a total pizza and ice cream pig out on Day 3! Yes, Day 3! What the?
I really couldn't understand why I didn't have any results. Deceived, Denial, Duh.
Now, the trick is to be structured, disciplined, orderly and mindful with Grace and intention. To continue to pursue a fasting lifestyle along with days and/or hours of specific fasting.
My only Hope is in The Lord, He is my Salvation.

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